Today during the Vermiculture Workshop, students learned about the world of worms and how to use them to turn kitchen waste into valuable worm poop, which is a great fertilizer for our gardens! We started a worm bin, learned what to and what not to feed their worms, and how to use worm castings to feed their own plants.


What exactly is Vermiculture?


Domestic vermicomposting is the art of using captive earthworms to transform kitchen waste into earthworm castings (aka poop). Those in the know often refer to earthworm castings as “black gold”. Vermicompost is extremely lively; it contains more than 100 times as many beneficial bacteria and fungi as can be found in the surrounding soil. It also contains plant growth factors and B vitamins, as well as high levels of soluble calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Vermicompost is concentrated and considered by many to be nature’s most perfect fertilizer.